Invest in Downtown Fresno

Fulton Street Investors LLC (FSI) is a real estate fund that buys, renovates, and leases predominantly ground floor retail on or near Fulton Street in downtown Fresno, using a Direct Public Offering (DPO) to raise capital. Unlike a typical real estate fund or Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), we are focused on a specific revitalization area, the Fulton Entertainment District. The concept is straightforward: When we invest in an area that is revitalizing, we speed up the revitalization process, which helps to increase the value of our investment. Downtown Fresno gets a boost, our fund grows, people are invested, local jobs and businesses are created, and generations of Central Valley residents have a vibrant, urban center to enjoy.

One great benefit of using a DPO is that it allows members of our community to participate in the revitalization process by investing together. Our DPO has made the investment opportunity accessible to the public by allowing up to 500 non-wealthy members of our community to participate. Usually these types of investments are limited to high net worth individuals. Our fund is able to seek investment directly from the community, raising capital at considerably less cost and making investing easier and more affordable for regular people to get involved. This is your chance to invest in your downtown!

Please watch our video to learn more, for ongoing updates about Fulton Street Investors.