Buy Shares How You Can Invest

Step 1 – Offering Memorandum

Also known as a Prospectus, the Offering Memorandum has been prepared in accordance with the California Department of Business Oversight’s disclosure requirements (THE COMMISSIONER OF BUSINESS OVERSIGHT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA DOES NOT RECOMMEND OR ENDORSE THE PURCHASE OF THESE SECURITIES) and contains important information about our Company and investment offering.

Click here to download the Offering Memorandum. (PDF version)

Step 2 – Investor Requirements & Questionnaire

Our Direct Public Offering has special requirements that are regulated by the California Department of Business oversight.

* Primary residence, home furnishings, and automobiles are not included when determining net worth.

Click here to download the questionnaire. (PDF version)

Step 3 – Qualification Notice

After we review your questionnaire and verify that you qualify to invest, we will send you a notice by email with instructions for completing the Subscription Agreement described in Step 4.

Step 4 – Subscription Agreement

This is a legal contract for the purchase of shares in our Company. It sets the terms to which both parties agree, and requests certain information from you, including your residential address, email address, date of birth, tax ID number and signature.

Step 5 – Payment

The last step in becoming a Shareholder is payment. After all steps are completed we will send you instructions for depositing your check or money order directly into the Fulton Street Investors LLC impound account at United Security Bank.