How It Works

Downtown Fresno is in the early stages of revitalization. Many important components are in place: Fulton Street is undergoing a $20 million renovation, downtown zoning rules and codes are ready for adoption, downtown housing is showing high demand, and further down the road Fresno is projected to have America's first High Speed Rail Station.

Fulton Street Investors LLC will buy, renovate, and lease predominantly one and two-story buildings on or near Fulton Street using funds raised through investors interested in revitalizing downtown Fresno.

Why now? The time for talk is over. Our DPO fund lets you put your money where your mouth is by investing in downtown Fresno.

Here's how it will work:

  1. California residents and businesses invest in Fulton Street Investors LLC.
  2. FSI buys and renovates buildings to a high quality standard that will attract exciting businesses as our tenants.
  3. Tenants will attract evening and weekend foot traffic.
  4. Property values will go up and rents will stream in.
  5. Half of the net profit will be paid out to FSI's members and half will go back into the fund to grow your investment.

Revitalization: activated!

Many in our community feel the frustration of wanting to help revitalize downtown Fresno but don't know how. Most people don't have the money to purchase and renovate a building. Fresnans expect that property values are going to rise and they want to participate, to take revitalization efforts into their own hands, and to make a difference.

Until now, there hasn't been a way for our community to actively invest in downtown. The Fulton Street Investors LLC DPO fund is the solution to this problem. You don't have to buy an entire building (and carry huge overhead) to make a difference. You can simply invest. Fresno needs a fully revitalized downtown. Now you can be part of the solution that makes this happen.

Craig Scharton, the manager and founder of FSI, knows Fulton Street well, and knows how to spot good deals, improve properties so that they are more valuable, find tenants who will help our investments and overall revitalization, and engage the local community.

As an extra conservative measure, our fund will use only cash (no loans) to purchase and rehab buildings, which means there is less risk from economic fluctuations or foreclosure. We are investing and improving real property, which is a solid asset, unlike investing in businesses, which may come or go.

In short, Fulton Street Investors LLC is a lower-risk, easy opportunity to invest in downtown property for long-term returns for investors and the community.

This community effort to revitalize Fulton Street will change Fresno for generations to come. Investing in Fulton Street Investors LLC means investing in your community. You have the opportunity to watch Fresno transform before your very eyes.

Investing in downtown means leaving Fresno better than you found it. You can do it for yourself, or you can do it to increase the quality of life for your children, and your children's children. Additional benefits of investing in the Fulton Street Investors LLC DPO fund include: