Direct Public OfferingOld Model, New Approach

Direct Public Offering (DPO) – also known as Investment Crowdfunding – is a generic term that includes any offer and sale of an investment opportunity to the public in which California residents (both wealthy and non-wealthy) can invest. The entity raising the funds offers the investment directly, without a middleman like an investment bank or broker.

Why a DPO?

Until now, it has been difficult to invest locally. Investors face wealth requirements and social entrepreneurs struggle to access capital that meets their needs. FSI is proud to present a new solution: the first community-based DPO opportunity of its kind within California. Our fund allows people to invest directly into downtown Fresno, to both speed up its revitalization and harness its economic growth.

Old Model, New Approach

Now we can invest in downtown Fresno together. Our combined investment can bring buildings back to life and create opportunities for local entrepreneurs. The more we invest, the quicker our downtown can revitalize, raising the value of our properties and those around us.

Source: Our friends & colleagues at Cutting Edge Capital

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